For its first project within Indonesia, WOKE formed a partnership with YKPA in order to build a new school.

Who is YKPA? What is it? It is an organisation formed by a Balinese girl named Putu and an American guy called Michael who decided to act on behalf of the kids in Bali 10 years ago.
Their mission: giving loving support, education, care, and skills for disadvantaged children.

Providing them fulfilling opportunities allowing them to be safe and have a productive lifestyle which will further enable their future. At the beginning, it was only a small gathering on the beach where kids received minimal instructions. These kids, most of them from rural villages, are normally forced to beg all day and night to bring money to their parents and/or to the local mafia. A few months later, the couple decided to rent a place and make it a permanent school. However the couple quickly realised that the school was not enough and they had to do something on a larger scale.

But what? One day, Putu decided to shelter a sick girl who was living on the street. The girl said she would only come if her 3 friends could join her. And that was the beginning of the orphanage! Now there are two orphanages, one in Kuta which welcomes around forty kids and another one in Tabanan with fifteen kids. Every kid is sponsored by a donator, which allows them to sleep at the orphanage. Also provides meals every day and an education at the local public school.

Years have passed since the first school was created and it’s now time to build another, one more suitable to their needs. This new building made of bamboo, an ecological, strong and economical material will welcome kids but also give a new program for isolated woman. We believe this project is a good project and it must be supported. That’s why we decided to help them with this enterprise. We contributed to the construction, we provided ideas and communication skills also financial support. So we need you today. Every donation will go directly to this project and offer a real chance to release those kids out of this circle of misery and move towards the light. More on : http://www.ykpa.org/