Sri Lanka

In this new adventure, our team have landed at Midigama, south coast of Sri Lanka.

Located just next to the Indian Ocean, behind white sand beach where tourist basking in the sun, we met Vipulasiri Thero, buddhist monk. Since eleven years, he has been taking care of an elderly home. In Sri Lanka, there is no pension system so most of the people must rely on their family to support them. Unfortunately some of them don’t have any and have been left on their own. This home is the last chance they can get before living in the street. Besides giving them a place to stay, they also get feed, food is providing by the local people around. Today, 12 women and 6 men are living at the center.

The house, where are located the center has been given by a rich family years ago to the monk. Time goes fast and now the house need to get repair. The roof is leaking, water getting in and wall are humid. The house also need to be repeint and we need to find a way to make it brighter. After 2 weeks of intensive work we renovated the entire building letting them in a better place to enjoy their old age.