In October, we’ve decided to make a partnership with Kolibri

Who is Kolibri? What is it?

Kolibri is an organisation created by a bunch of people. On one side, you have a group of Indonesian people who know perfectly their islands and the social context and on the other side a French girl, Julie who used to work as a social worker in France. Together they decided to help disadvantaged children from Padang, West Sumatra by creating this organisation.

But how it works?

    In order to reduce this childhood poverty, 4 initiatives have been taken:

  • Social round-up, in order to meet those children who are living in extreme poverty and understand they need
  • Trying to find solution for them if it’s possible
  • Support some of those families by social accompaniment, financial and material support (sponsoring kids to go to school)
  • creating creative and education activities in partnership with others NGOs

It is through one of this initiatives that we decided to help them in their mission.So one day we met Elsa, Kevin, Wahyu and their mother.

The father died 10 years ago and the mother has no education. She a rag-pickers who earn 8 cents per kilo. Thanks to the organisation, Kevin and Elsa have had the opportunity to go back to the school through the sponsoring program. However, the house where they are living is in a really bad condition and very dangerous for them. A part of the roof is gone, there is no water, no toilet and the wall are under threat of collapse.So we had to do something! We started by cleaning all the house and get rid of the rotten wood. We built a new floor to make the house more stable and repair the roof. We built new wall with widows so the light can get in. And finally buy her some material like a cooker, a fan and mosquito net…