IX-Canaan Guatemala

Today we are in Guatemala in a village called El Remate. We are making a partnership with Ix-Canaan project in order to create an education program for the kids who live there.

Who is Ix-Cannan? What is it?
Their mission: “First of all, you have to know that Ix-Canaan means « Guardians of the Rainforest » in Mayan so their mission is to empower the local community to protect their own rainforests from destruction.”

« I have been running this project since about 1995. We identified the needs of the community in order to preserve their rainforest, and those needs are health, education and opportunity. The idea that we had was to be able to support the people to become guardians of the rainforest because these rainforests are not going to be saved by people from Oslo, or Alberta, or Washington or someplace like that – the rainforests here will be saved by the people who live here in the rainforest ». Anne Lossing Founder

The story has begun with a very tiny clinic built next to the house where Anne and Enrique were living. It is down to their perseverance and the support of many people that in 2000 they were able to build a real clinic where they can provide free medical care to everybody.
Today Ix-Canaan brings together:

  • A medical Clinic
  • A dental Clinic
  • A child development centre
  • Women’s centre
  • A cement floor program

We believe this project is a good project and it must be supported. The team of Ix-Canaan are doing a great job since more than 20 years, and they deserve to be help. We decided to create an education program for the kids who are coming to the child education centre. The main topic: WATER. We are going to try to make them understand how the water is an essential resource and how we can protect it. Water is a fragile and her future depend on us. If more people are aware about this problem, we can change our future and give to the next generation a safe and clean water.
Read more about them on www.ixcanaan.com