With the year drawing to a close, I’ve settle down in the North of Thailand, in a small village called Huay Pooling, 5hours away from Chiang Mai.

I’ve met Whan Puangchompoo, director of a small primary school who welcome around 130 children, almost half of them live within the school.
Indeed, there is plenty of different tribes in North Thailand: The Akha, The Hmong or The Karen. All those tribes live isolated, far away from the touristic place and so far away from the money generate by this industry. Members of those tribes are mostly farmers living below the poverty line who cannot effort a car or a motorcycle to bring their children to the nearby school which most of time very far away from their village. And there is no public transport in this area. So boarding school is the only solution for those kids.

Fortunately, in Thailand, scholarship is free and the government provides accommodation and food to those in need. As you can imagine, this measure cost a lot of money so there is not much left to maintain infrastructures and create new ones. The lack of resources makes difficult the education of the kids and the school results are way below the national level.

In order to respond to this issue, the young director wish to create a new classroom, a place where the kids could spend time and learn in a better condition. A place where they can gather whatever they want, especially for those who cannot come back home very often. We think this project should be encouraged so that’s why we have fully supported the cost of construction. We used as much as possible ecologic material and material recovery to reduce our financial cost and our ecological foot print.