We met the people from 4Ocean and we cleaned Echo beach together.

Who is 4 Ocean? What is it? This is the story of 2 friends, 2 surfers, Alex and Andrew, who came in Indonesia for a surf trip few years ago. Devastated by the amount of plastic in the ocean, they set out to find out why no one was doing anything about it. One afternoon they came across an old fishing village where fishermen were literally pushing their boat through piles of plastic that had washed up on shore. The 2 surfers explained to the fishermen that someone has to do something about this if they want to continue fishing or there would be no fish left. They even continued to explain that their fishing nets are the perfect tool to gather the plastic from the ocean.

“But we don’t get paid to collect plastic” they said, “we get paid to catch fish” …

So how to combined economy interest and ecology? Selling bracelets made of plastic coming from the ocean. Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. In less than 2 years, 4Ocean has removed 629,942 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

We visited the Bali team to learn a bit more about the process. The plastic removed for the beach goes to a waste sorting centre for sorting by 30 people, all local people, in 7 different categories (PETE, HOPE, PVC, LDE, PD, PS et others). The trash gets sold to a recycling factory in Sumatra island. A part of it, come back to the team in Bali in order to make the bracelets. This is how 2 young men, employed more than 150 people worldwide while protecting the planet.
Read more : www.4ocean.com